Sync Cloud Files Across All Your Platforms

You can search “Google Drive vs Dropbox vs OneDrive vs Box” forever until your fingers bleed, but it won’t solve the root problem: you need file storage, but it’s almost impossible to keep all your files stored in only one cloud.

For better or worse, there’s always going to be a teacher, a friend, someone in your life who sends you a file via a Cloud platform that you don’t use – or maybe you have to use different platforms for work, personal, and social life. It all depends.

That’s why you need am app that’s able to combine all of these Cloud drives together. In addition to being able to sync your local files as well.

That’s where Dokkio comes in.

Dokkio is free, easy to use, and can sync all of your Cloud drives in under 5 minutes. After that, you’ll never have to hunt around in different Clouds trying to figure out where you put which file.

Plus, there’s a Dokkio Sidebar Chrome extension that allows you to highlight text anywhere in your browser – and Sidebar will pull up a relevant file that you may have in your Dokkio app. No need to even open another tab.

Dokkio can organize any file, anytime – even while you’re sleeping. This includes the definitely legal Google Drive movies you’ve got stored in your Google Docs, the backup files you have stored elsewhere, PDFs, videos, images – you name it.

Dokkio also makes link sharing in Google Drive and all your Cloud drives easy – simply search for a file within the Dokkio app, click share, and you’re done. You can also create shared folders where your team can automatically see whatever you place in the new folder.

Dokkio can identify the difference between your photos and your Google Drive resume templates – the difference between a drawing and a real life image, even. All of it is done through Dokkio’s powerful AI that can automatically recognize the difference.

The best part is Dokkio is totally safe, secure, encrypted, and GDPR compliant. That means it’s safe to use for your tax documents, business, and any file you need password protected.

As of the moment, you can get unlimited storage for your Google Drive and Cloud Drive files within Dokkio, since the PRO plan is currently free. If you wanna stick to the free plan, you get FREE storage of 120,000 Cloud files. Which is a number of files most people don’t even reach.

There’s really no reason not to use Dokkio unless you enjoy searching through thousands of files everyday and not being able to find something immediately for work – we all have our little pleasures.

But if you’re tired of file sorting and reorganizing your files over and over again, Dokkio is here to help.

Happy sorting!

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