Dokkio Improves File “Kinds” Support

Dokkio now makes it easier to zero in on different kinds of files, like videos or images or PDFs. For example, instead of typing “.pdf” in the search bar, now you can just use “View Files… by File Kind” in the left-hand global navigation and select “PDFs” to see a complete list, across all sources. Dokkio automatically groups similar file extensions (e.g. .mov, .mp4 and .wmv into “Videos”) for you.

If you’re currently using a generic File Category like “Images”, “PDFs, or “Videos”, this automatic organization by kind is much better – it’s 100% accurate and doesn’t require you to manage numerous suggestions.

Therefore, we will be automatically removing these generic and now-redundant categories in the near future.

If you have invested time in manually classifying items into a category like “Videos”, you should rename that category (e.g. to “Vacation Videos”) to prevent its deletion.

One thought on “Dokkio Improves File “Kinds” Support

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