Dokkio is available as a desktop application for both Windows and Macintosh.

Dokkio for the Desktop installs and works like any other application; for example, it shows up in your menu bar. As we improve the product and add features, the app will automatically update to the latest and greatest.

In addition, the Dokkio desktop app lets you open a Dokkio-connected file using a local application. For example, you can open and edit a Word document using your local copy of Word, even when that document is stored in Dropbox or Drive.

Plus, you won’t have to search through your browser tabs to find Dokkio. In fact, Dokkio for the Desktop lets you open multiple windows at once, using the “New Window” command in the File menu. And you should see even faster performance than on the web.

Dokkio for the Desktop is a free application. If you’d like to try it out, go to the Dokkio Information dropdown (click on your image or initials in the upper right of your Dokkio screen) to download and install.

Improved Dokkio Sidebar with same-page clipping

In response to feedback from the Dokkio Sidebar user community, we have made several improvements to Sidebar, including:

  • More flexibility panel positioning: When visiting a web page, you can drag the pop-out floating Dokkio panel up and down the page
  • Less intrusive pop up panels: When working with tools like Google Docs & Google Sheets, Sidebar is now smarter about when it presents itself — which keeps you focused on what matters
  • Same-page Clipping: Now you can clip a page multiple times, for instance to screenshot the entirety of a web page and additionally a screenshot of specific content within that page

If you have not yet installed Sidebar, you can install the most up to date version by visiting the Google Chrome Store.