Dokkio Adds Bookmarking / Web Clipping

Dokkio is all about helping you do your job. Until now, our focus has been on files and documents, because these are usually the main tools of team collaboration, and the key work deliverables. But these are not the only types of information that are a key part of your workflows.

For example, one of the important sources of information for many of us is the web itself. Maybe you’re Googling for some statistics, trying to find a set of instructions, or simply gathering background information. Right now, you might bookmark the web pages you find, or copy and paste their URLs into a Google Doc. But this means that this information lives outside where you keep your files.

Until now.

If public web pages are an important source of information to do your job, Dokkio now gives you a better way to manage them, in a way that is integrated with your files.

When you’re viewing any web page, you can clip it in its entirety or partially, and add it to your Dokkio account, with the same autotagging and autocategorization as any file.

You can also add them to your various Dokkio Projects, so that your web pages are in the same place as your files, Docs, and Sheets.

To try out this functionality, download the Dokkio Sidebar (a Chrome Extension) and add it to your Chrome browser. Learn more here.