Gmail Messages Integration and Tagging

Why: User feedback! You’ve told us that the content in the body of emails is sometimes as (or more) important than their attachments (which Dokkio already supports).

What: When you connect Dokkio to Gmail, it now shows both your email attachments and individual Gmail messages (whether they have attachments or not). Gmail messages can be tagged, searched, viewed, and more.

When: If you joined Dokkio since October, a prototype of this capability has already been active; for all other accounts, it has been activated this past weekend.

Capabilities: The new capability includes these features:

Message searching: Your Dokkio search or Sidebar MultiSearch now includes the text of gmail messages; search results include both files and email messages. Message auto-tagging:  If your account has tags like “golf” or “Contact: Mary Jones”, for example, email messages that mention those topics or people will be auto-tagged. Message tagging (manual): You can add your own tags to messages, to indicate messages to be discussed, or those requiring action Tag page – messages section: When you look at the tag page for “golf” or “Mary Jones” (from the example above), it shows you messages that mention them, along with files. Tag-based filtering:  View emails that mention a topic, then add a filter to narrow the list to messages that mention a contact or customer. 

Privacy & Security: Email messages and attachments are private to you in Dokkio. Other Dokkio users (even account administrators) do not see your email contents. If you send an email to, or receive an email from, another user on your Dokkio account roster, only the two of you see the email and attachments. Simply stated: access to email in Dokkio fully respects your email privacy, exactly as if you were logged into your Gmail account directly.

Check it out: If Gmail is connected to your Dokkio account, simply choose “Sources” from the left menu, and then “Gmail”, to see the new Gmail Source page below. Two sections show “Recent Attachments” and “Recent Emails”; “View All” for either section shows a complete list.

Dokkio Gmail Message Dashboard

If your Gmail is not currently connected to your Dokkio account, do it now! From any screen in Dokkio, click “Sources” in the left menu, and then click the “+ Content Source” button at the bottom of the page and select Gmail.
Get a Demo: If you would like a demo of this and/or other features coming soon, just use the link below to schedule it:

Schedule a Demo

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to, via the in-product chat, or simply reply to this email.

Stay tuned for the next big thing – automatic tagging and caching of browsed pages!