Dokkio Sidebar is quick and easy to install!

Dokkio Sidebar is a Google Chrome extension that brings the power of Dokkio’s intelligence into the tools you work with already.

For example, if you are viewing and commenting on a Google Doc, composing an email, or revising a plan in Notion, Dokkio Sidebar lets you look up metadata, find and link to relevant files, or perform a full-text search of all your files.

Dokkio Sidebar is available through the Google Chrome store, and installation takes under a minute. View the below YouTube video to see how quick and easy installation and setup are:

You can learn more and install Dokkio Sidebar through our page in the Google Chrome Web Store.

Dokkio Improves File “Kinds” Support

Dokkio now makes it easier to zero in on different kinds of files, like videos or images or PDFs. For example, instead of typing “.pdf” in the search bar, now you can just use “View Files… by File Kind” in the left-hand global navigation and select “PDFs” to see a complete list, across all sources. Dokkio automatically groups similar file extensions (e.g. .mov, .mp4 and .wmv into “Videos”) for you.

If you’re currently using a generic File Category like “Images”, “PDFs, or “Videos”, this automatic organization by kind is much better – it’s 100% accurate and doesn’t require you to manage numerous suggestions.

Therefore, we will be automatically removing these generic and now-redundant categories in the near future.

If you have invested time in manually classifying items into a category like “Videos”, you should rename that category (e.g. to “Vacation Videos”) to prevent its deletion.

Dokkio now supports Microsoft OneDrive

Dokkio provides you and your team a single place where files from all of your Dropbox®, Google Drive®, Gmail® and Box® accounts come together.

And now Dokkio supports Microsoft OneDrive.

Your files don’t care whether you’re using a Windows PC or an Apple iPhone, so why should you?  Dokkio lets you access your online files from anywhere, even if they live in multiple repositories.

To use OneDrive within Dokkio:

  • Click “View Files… by Source” from the (grey) Global Navigation Menu
  • Click the “+ Content Source” button
  • Click the “OneDrive” tile, and authorize Dokkio access to your OneDrive

Dokkio supports Google Drive “Shared with Me”

If you use Google Drive, any files or folders that others have shared with you appear in the “Shared with Me” area within your Google Drive.

Now you can access those files and folders from Dokkio as well.

If you already have connected Dokkio to your entire Google Drive (the most common choice), then a new “Shared With Me” folder automatically appears at the top level of that Drive when you view it in Dokkio. There’s nothing more to do – anything shared with you by others will automatically appear there.

If you have connected Dokkio to specific folders in your Google Drive, then you should add the “Shared With Me” folder. Pull down the menu under your initial or image in the upper right corner of the screen, find your Google Drive account in the list, and click the “+ Folder” button to add one more connected folder.

Once connected, all of the files and folders in “Shared With Me” show up in search results, and Dokkio will automatically tag and categorize them.