Google Drive: How To Use

There are many methods to using google drive. Before we dive in, remember that before you start using Google Drive voraciously, you’re going to want to download Dokkio so that you can find and organize all the files you’re about to add.

So, here’s a short guide on how to use it:

  1. How to Find Google Drive: here is a link. It can also be found in the Google play store on your phone under “Google Drive”.
  2. How to share a folder in Google Drive: go to the folder you want to share, then right click, and click share. Then, type in the person you want to share the folder with under “People”. You can also choose if you’d like the person to be able to edit the folder or just view it. Then click “send”. Done!
  3. How much storage is there for free in Google Drive? 15GB of free storage is the Google Drive GB limit. After that, you’ll have to pay.
  4. How can you sync Google Drive and OneDrive? You can sync both of these Cloud powerhouses with Dokkio. You can also sync Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft Teams in the Dokkio app for free.
  5. Are there any free Google Drive Calendar Templates? Absolutely. Here is a link to one.
  6. Is Google Drive secure for tax documents? Yes, as long as no one else knows your Gmail passwords. Google file encryption is powerful and encrypts your files at every step of the storing and sharing process. However, if you’re paranoid about hackers, you may want to invest in a more highly-encrypted file keeping program.
  7. Can Google Drive unzip files? Yes. Right-click the file you’d like to unzip, click “zip extractor”, authorize the zip extractor, and then extract. Then, click on the “view files” button to view your unzipped files.
  8. Google Drive vs Google Docs? You can store Google Docs in Google Drive – Google Drive is simply a place to store your files and share your files.
  9. Are Google Drive files safe? Not all files are safe inherently because they’re Google Drive files, so you should still be careful when downloading unknown files online. However, your own Google Drive files are relatively safe.
  10. How many photos can Google Drive hold? However many photos until you reach 15GB. After that, you have to pay.

After you’ve started using Google Drive, don’t forget to organize it all with Dokkio – it’s MUCH easier than trying to organize in Google Drive alone.

Happy sorting!

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