New Dokkio Sidebar 3.0 for Better Productivity and Faster Searches

We are excited to announce Dokkio Sidebar version 3.0, with major new capabilities and a fresh design.

Dokkio Sidebar now fully integrates the power of Dokkio into Chrome – to search, organize, and link to your files, whether you’re browsing the web, doing a Google search, working on email, or authoring in tools like Google Docs, Microsoft 365 or Notion.

Sidebar’s new, tabbed interface puts these capabilities just one click away:

The About tab shows how each web page or file you browse relates to your work (as reflected in your Dokkio tags). There’s a new, streamlined flow to add tags to the page and clip it or screenshot it to add it to your Dokkio knowledge base.

The Search tab lets you search the content of all the files connected to Dokkio, without leaving your current web page. And if you conduct a search in Google Drive or Dropbox or One Drive, or even a Google web search, Dokkio automatically does a parallel MultiSearch across all your files. So Dokkio will find what you’re looking for, even if you’re searching in the wrong place!

The Recent tab shows the Dokkio-connected files that have recently changed. It updates in real time, so you can monitor as files are shared with you or edited by collaborators, and hover over the file list to see previews – again, without leaving your current web page.The Tags tab allows you to easily see the tags that Dokkio is using to organize your files. You can easily create new tags, and even add new ways to organize – “by Project” or “by Department”, for example.

The Sources tab shows the content that’s currently connected to Dokkio, and lets you easily connect more!

We’ve also made Sidebar less intrusive, but more responsive. It’s now easy to close Sidebar’s floating panel to get it out of the way, and when you do, the Sidebar mini-tile wiggles when you browse to a new page where Sidebar has relevant content or search results.

If you already have Sidebar installed, the latest version will have already updated automatically! Otherwise, navigate to the Google Chrome Store via the link below to install it for free. Download Dokkio Sidebar.
We are very excited about these new enhancements, and, as always, are eager to hear your feedback.  If you have any additional feature requests, feedback, or if you would like a demo of Dokkio Sidebar in action, please do not hesitate to email

As always, happy sorting!