How To Organize Your Work Files (for free!)

While keeping your personal files organized is important, keeping your work files
organized is arguably even more so. Whether you work at the office, at home, or
run your own business, keeping those files properly sorted is essential.
Knowing this, we created Dokkio, which is a computer software that sorts and
organizes through your files for you, currently for free, and can save you countless
hours of time.
The best part about Dokkio is it is at its most powerful the more files you sync to it –
it allows our state-of-the-art AI to filter through and sort your files even more
Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for Dokkio (it’s free!)
  2. Sync all your files from any of these platforms – Google Drive, Box, Notion, Dropbox, Gmail, OneDrive
  3. That’s it! Allow our algorithm to sort and filter through all your files – you can also help tweak it by adding tags, categories, and synonyms to help our AI organize your files even more efficiently.

What used to take you hours of work and sorting through heaps and heaps of files doesn’t have to take up your precious time anymore – the automated file sorting software is HERE!

For more information on particular file sorting, visit any of our other articles customizing global navigation, improving file “kinds” support, and detecting and tagging companies, people and places.

For even more info, visit our website at with video tutorials, pictures and more!
Have you tried Dokkio yet? Comment and tell us about it!

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