Introducing Browsed Pages

We’re pleased to announce with today’s update, Sidebar brings Dokkio’s hallmark intelligence to Chrome with our newest feature, Browsed Pages. 

With this update of Sidebar, you can now keep track of the web pages that you visit and Sidebar will recognize when a page is relevant to your Dokkio tags and will automatically tag items in your history for you. 

For example, suppose you saw a web page that mentioned a client, Acme, but you forget where you saw it. With our new Browsed Pages feature, Sidebar keeps track of the pages you’ve browsed and applies the appropriate tags, like client names, so you’d simply select your “Acme” client tag, and the page you were looking for will be there.  

The history content is private to you; other members of your organization will not have access to your browsing history. Additionally, it does not run in incognito mode and has an easy toggle.

toggle for Browsed Pages on Account tab

As a part of this release, you will notice “All Saved Pages” in the left nav in Dokkio.  All Saved Pages provides you with a feed of recently visited pages that you can edit or filter.

If you already have Dokkio Sidebar installed, no action is needed — Sidebar will update automatically. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can get Sidebar from the Chrome Web Store. It’s free!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, reach out to us at or message us through the in-product chat.