Detecting & tagging companies, people, and places

We’re working on a new feature that will detect and tag mentions of companies, people, and places in your content. The goal is to make it much easier to find content that relates to these important nouns.

We’re ready to start turning on the prototype for selected volunteers. If you’re interested in trying out this near feature and helping to shape the Dokkio product, email!

Star Contexts and Categories to customize your Dokkio global navigation

Whether you are looking for a file related to a specific aspect of your business, like a project, or a file that fits into a category, like a presentation, Dokkio’s left-hand global navigation can get you to the right file, right away.

By default, the global navigation shows you all the Contexts you have created, like Projects or Clients, as well as tags, file kinds, categories, and your sources.

If you’d like to control which Contexts show on the global navigation, you can click the main menu in the top right of the page and navigate to “Manage Contexts”.  Once you are viewing all your Contexts, you can hover over any Context and click the “star” in the top right of the Context’s icon.  This will “star” your Context.  You can star multiple Contexts.  Any starred Contexts will show up in the global navigation, while unstarred Contexts will not.

Categories can also be customized using starring.  By clicking the chevron next to “By Category” in the left-hand navigation, you will see a list of all the File Categories you have created.  To customize the Categories that show in the left hand navigation, you can click the “By Category” header to navigate to your “Manage Categories” page and star Categories, as well.

As always, feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.