We’ve Improved Dokkio Suggestions

One of the big benefits of using Dokkio is how the product helps you organize your files. Our system can predict how you would like to tag and categorize your content, then suggest those changes to you, so that all you have to do is click a checkmark to agree (or if we didn’t make the right suggestion, click an “X” to disagree). Suggestions help us overcome the apathy and inertia that plague all organizational systems.

Recently, we’ve made our suggestions even better. When you visit Dokkio now, the suggestions we offer will be higher quality. We’re able to recognize when your content mentions specific people, companies, and places, and suggest the appropriate organization accordingly.

But we also understand that less is more. We’re presenting fewer suggestions than ever, because we’re getting better at predicting which ones will and will not fit the bill. You’ll be saying “Yes” more often, and “No” less often!

Log in to Dokkio today to check out our new and improved suggestions!