Left Panel Reorganization

You may notice the sequence of the items in the Dokkio application’s dark grey left panel (“Global Navigation”) has been changed.  The “All Files”, “Sources”, and (for those who have asked us to enable it) “Duplicate Files” items are still there; they have just been relocated to the bottom of the panel.

If you have Starred content (offering a one-click short cut), it now appears first, after the “Home” item, and the items that feature Dokkio tagging (by Category, by Project, etc.) follow.

For new users to Dokkio, this tends to provide a better initial introduction to the product, and for experienced users, it puts the more heavily used items “up top”.  It also paves the way for more extensive enhancements to Dokkio that we’ll roll out in the next few weeks… stay tuned!

Announcing Dokkio Sidebar’s 5-Star Rated NEW Multi-Search Feature for Organizing Your Files!

We are excited to announce a big new enhancement to our Dokkio Sidebar browser extension – Dokkio MultiSearch.Sidebar, Dokkio’s Google Chrome extension, now notices when you search in Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, or OneDrive – and then runs a parallel search across ALL your content sources connected to Dokkio.What does this mean? Imagine you’re looking for a “Tesla” related file in your Dropbox account. Dropbox may give you some results, but what if the “Tesla” file you’re looking for wasn’t in Dropbox like you thought? Maybe it was shared in Slack, attached to an email in Gmail, or stored in Google Drive. You might even be signed into the wrong Dropbox account!Sidebar’s Multi-Search feature eliminates guesswork and wasted time by detecting what you’re looking for and searching across all your sources – so you can find what you’re looking for instantly.The best part? You don’t have to leave your current page – Sidebar works while you’re browsing any of your storage platforms on the web, or even conducting a Google search!Here’s a quick video on how it works!So far, Multi-Search enhances searches in OneDrive, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google web search, and HubSpot – and we plan to keep expanding that list.If you’re unfamiliar with Sidebar, it’s our super-charged Chrome extension that offers you following benefit:

  • When reading or writing an email or doc, Sidebar offers relevant files and info to embed or attach while you’re writing blogs, emails, or just reading an email on your computer.
  • When editing or reviewing a Google Doc or Notion page, Sidebar lets you easily search and link files, or look up business data
  • When doing web research, Sidebar analyzes each page and shows how it relates to companies, people, or topicsof interest

And now:

  • While searching in popular web apps, Sidebar lets you focus on what you’re seeking, and not where it lives

If you’ve already got Sidebar, great! It will update with our new feature automatically. If not, you can download it HERE to stop the guesswork and time wasting.Have any feedback on Sidebar, MultiSearch or Dokkio in general? Let us know in the comments or email support@dokkio.com!As always, happy organizing!

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Dokkio Sidebar MultiSearch 

Dokkio Sidebar

Access online files and knowledge while working inside tools like Google Docs, Gmail and Notion.