Featuring Starred Files and Folders

Dokkio puts everything at your fingertips – files from Box, Dropbox, Drive, and OneDrive. Even email & attachments! While it’s never been easier to find your file, edit, share it, or tag it to create associations with clients, projects, vendors, we’ve learned having everything at your fingertips isn’t quite the dream come true it sounded like.

That’s why we’ve developed the ability to star a file or a folder.

Simply click the star to have a file or folder added to your left navigation menu. Done with that project? Click the star again to remove the item from the left-hand navigation.

Here is a screenshot of a spreadsheet opened. To the right of the spreadsheet name there is a while or unfilled star. To add this to your left navigation panel, click the star.

You can also star your items from the list view. Here’s a screenshot of a folder in in list view. Hover over the item you’d like to star, click the Actions button that appears when you hover, and click Star. (Notice the filled-in star next to the folder name, “My Drive.” Because it’s starred, you will see this in the navigation screenshot coming up.)

Now that we’ve starred the items we need most often, lets take a look at the left hand navigation panel.

It’s a simple as that. Try it out and tell us what you think. We love hearing from our users! And as always if you have any questions, suggestions, problems or family recipes, please let us know at support@dokkio.com.

Sign up for Dokkio’s Enhanced Gmail Integration beta!

Many Dokkio users have expressed that the contents (body) of an email can often be as or more important to them than attachments.

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

We are nearing completion of a prototype for email messages — the body (text) of email messages — as a content source in Dokkio.

With this enhancement, you will be able to see Gmail messages in search results, searched by contents, subject, and sender.

If you are interested in providing feedback on the Enhanced Gmail Integration prototype, we would love to have you test the capability. Please email us at support@dokkio.com to get on our tester list!

Announcing Dokkio Sidebar 3.2 with Major Enhancements to Tagging

We’re very pleased to announce Sidebar 3.2, which makes tagging easier and better, with:
Tag suggestions:  See Dokkio’s tag suggestions, without leaving Sidebar.  For example if you tag files by Company, Sidebar shows you there are more suggested Company-Tags, and lets you easily accept or reject each one – all within the Sidebar pane

Page Tagging suggestions:  When you view a page, Sidebar’s “About this Page” panel now includes matches to suggested tags. You can easily tag and clip the page, and add the new tag to your actively-used tags, all with a single click.

Tag management: Within Sidebar, you can view all active tags and tagged content, drop an existing tag, or add new tags (such as new Project or Customer tags when you start a Project or win a Customer), and Dokkio will start auto-tagging.
If you have already installed Dokkio Sidebar, your extension will automatically update to version 3.2.  If you have yet to install Dokkio Sidebar, you can do so for free by visiting the Google Chrome store, linked below:
Install Dokkio Sidebar
Please note: We’re currently rolling out and testing an enhanced tagging foundation, and these new Sidebar capabilities are built on it. If you created an account after May 2022, your account already uses the new foundation; you can simply start using the new features.

If your account was created prior to May 2022 and you have not been part of our beta program and want to try these new Sidebar features, please contact support@dokkio.com; we will enable them for you. We plan to migrate the entire user base in the next couple of weeks, and will update you again when that is complete.

Rearranged Dashboard Puts Emphasis on Tags

The Dokkio team has rearranged the dashboard on the home screen to put a greater emphasis on tagging and organizing.

The “All Tags” and “Tag Dropdown” (which defaults to Category tags) tiles are now presented at the top of the dashboard, while the “Sources” and “All Files” tiles are presented at the bottom, shown below:

Dokkio tags are a powerful way to automatically organize your files and content by category or context, and the goal of this change is to ensure users find, interact with, and utilize this feature.

Sidebar Now Supports Long Sessions

Dokkio Sidebar 3.1.1 now maintains a “stickier” connection to your Dokkio account, in response to user feedback about Sidebar’s “silent logout” behavior.

When Sidebar is enabled but not connected to your Dokkio account, a small alert appears in your browser window, asking you to login. You may encounter this alert when you next use your browser. Once logged in, the connection remains for up to 30 days after your last interaction. You can explicitly logout via the Dokkio toolbar icon, or temporarily disable Sidebar using the Chrome “Manage Extensions” (puzzle piece) icon. Sidebar 3.1.1 is live in the Chrome Store now, and your Sidebar will automatically upgrade.

Expanded Sidebar Capabilities

The Dokkio team has been hard at work improving and adding features to the Sidebar in response to user feedback. Here’s a look at the latest:

One-click to edit: Docs and Sheets can now be opened in their native environment with a simple hover-and-click action.

File management: Rename a file. If you have connected hundreds of files from Box, Dropbox, Drive, or even local files, saving you time in searching for those files and making that quick update. 

Organization: Add tags (and sense!) to any of the above without navigating to another page or even knowing where the file resides. 

Expanded Tag Suggestions: In addition to comparing the active web page to your existing Dokkio tags, the Sidebar compares it to suggested tags and shows them in the “About This Page” panel. It’s easy to accept (or reject) those suggested tags for that particular page and for expanded auto-tagging, too!

If you haven’t tried the Dokkio Sidebar yet, check out our Google Chrome Store page and click “Add to Chrome.” If you want to dig a little deeper first, see screenshots and read reviews on our Product Hunt page.


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Sidebar Updated to 3.0.2

Sidebar 3.0.2 is now the active version in the Chrome Store.

So, what’s new?
The search tab of the Sidebar floating panel now includes a checkbox that allows users to set the behavior of the search panel.

Users sometimes collapse the Sidebar to get it out of the way, and then forget to manually re-expand it. With this update, users can close the Sidebar and it will still be there when they search next.

The Sidebar is automatically re-opened whenever a MultiSearch that yields Dokkio results is carried out (e.g. as a side-effect of a Google search or Dropbox search). To change this behavior, uncheck the box.

New Dokkio Sidebar 3.0 for Better Productivity and Faster Searches

We are excited to announce Dokkio Sidebar version 3.0, with major new capabilities and a fresh design.

Dokkio Sidebar now fully integrates the power of Dokkio into Chrome – to search, organize, and link to your files, whether you’re browsing the web, doing a Google search, working on email, or authoring in tools like Google Docs, Microsoft 365 or Notion.

Sidebar’s new, tabbed interface puts these capabilities just one click away:

The About tab shows how each web page or file you browse relates to your work (as reflected in your Dokkio tags). There’s a new, streamlined flow to add tags to the page and clip it or screenshot it to add it to your Dokkio knowledge base.

The Search tab lets you search the content of all the files connected to Dokkio, without leaving your current web page. And if you conduct a search in Google Drive or Dropbox or One Drive, or even a Google web search, Dokkio automatically does a parallel MultiSearch across all your files. So Dokkio will find what you’re looking for, even if you’re searching in the wrong place!

The Recent tab shows the Dokkio-connected files that have recently changed. It updates in real time, so you can monitor as files are shared with you or edited by collaborators, and hover over the file list to see previews – again, without leaving your current web page.The Tags tab allows you to easily see the tags that Dokkio is using to organize your files. You can easily create new tags, and even add new ways to organize – “by Project” or “by Department”, for example.

The Sources tab shows the content that’s currently connected to Dokkio, and lets you easily connect more!

We’ve also made Sidebar less intrusive, but more responsive. It’s now easy to close Sidebar’s floating panel to get it out of the way, and when you do, the Sidebar mini-tile wiggles when you browse to a new page where Sidebar has relevant content or search results.

If you already have Sidebar installed, the latest version will have already updated automatically! Otherwise, navigate to the Google Chrome Store via the link below to install it for free. Download Dokkio Sidebar.
We are very excited about these new enhancements, and, as always, are eager to hear your feedback.  If you have any additional feature requests, feedback, or if you would like a demo of Dokkio Sidebar in action, please do not hesitate to email support@dokkio.com.

As always, happy sorting!

Left Panel Reorganization

You may notice the sequence of the items in the Dokkio application’s dark grey left panel (“Global Navigation”) has been changed.  The “All Files”, “Sources”, and (for those who have asked us to enable it) “Duplicate Files” items are still there; they have just been relocated to the bottom of the panel.

If you have Starred content (offering a one-click short cut), it now appears first, after the “Home” item, and the items that feature Dokkio tagging (by Category, by Project, etc.) follow.

For new users to Dokkio, this tends to provide a better initial introduction to the product, and for experienced users, it puts the more heavily used items “up top”.  It also paves the way for more extensive enhancements to Dokkio that we’ll roll out in the next few weeks… stay tuned!

Announcing Dokkio Sidebar’s 5-Star Rated NEW Multi-Search Feature for Organizing Your Files!

We are excited to announce a big new enhancement to our Dokkio Sidebar browser extension – Dokkio MultiSearch.Sidebar, Dokkio’s Google Chrome extension, now notices when you search in Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, or OneDrive – and then runs a parallel search across ALL your content sources connected to Dokkio.What does this mean? Imagine you’re looking for a “Tesla” related file in your Dropbox account. Dropbox may give you some results, but what if the “Tesla” file you’re looking for wasn’t in Dropbox like you thought? Maybe it was shared in Slack, attached to an email in Gmail, or stored in Google Drive. You might even be signed into the wrong Dropbox account!Sidebar’s Multi-Search feature eliminates guesswork and wasted time by detecting what you’re looking for and searching across all your sources – so you can find what you’re looking for instantly.The best part? You don’t have to leave your current page – Sidebar works while you’re browsing any of your storage platforms on the web, or even conducting a Google search!Here’s a quick video on how it works!So far, Multi-Search enhances searches in OneDrive, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google web search, and HubSpot – and we plan to keep expanding that list.If you’re unfamiliar with Sidebar, it’s our super-charged Chrome extension that offers you following benefit:

  • When reading or writing an email or doc, Sidebar offers relevant files and info to embed or attach while you’re writing blogs, emails, or just reading an email on your computer.
  • When editing or reviewing a Google Doc or Notion page, Sidebar lets you easily search and link files, or look up business data
  • When doing web research, Sidebar analyzes each page and shows how it relates to companies, people, or topicsof interest

And now:

  • While searching in popular web apps, Sidebar lets you focus on what you’re seeking, and not where it lives

If you’ve already got Sidebar, great! It will update with our new feature automatically. If not, you can download it HERE to stop the guesswork and time wasting.Have any feedback on Sidebar, MultiSearch or Dokkio in general? Let us know in the comments or email support@dokkio.com!As always, happy organizing!

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