Announcing Dokkio Sidebar 3.2 with Major Enhancements to Tagging

We’re very pleased to announce Sidebar 3.2, which makes tagging easier and better, with:
Tag suggestions:  See Dokkio’s tag suggestions, without leaving Sidebar.  For example if you tag files by Company, Sidebar shows you there are more suggested Company-Tags, and lets you easily accept or reject each one – all within the Sidebar pane

Page Tagging suggestions:  When you view a page, Sidebar’s “About this Page” panel now includes matches to suggested tags. You can easily tag and clip the page, and add the new tag to your actively-used tags, all with a single click.

Tag management: Within Sidebar, you can view all active tags and tagged content, drop an existing tag, or add new tags (such as new Project or Customer tags when you start a Project or win a Customer), and Dokkio will start auto-tagging.
If you have already installed Dokkio Sidebar, your extension will automatically update to version 3.2.  If you have yet to install Dokkio Sidebar, you can do so for free by visiting the Google Chrome store, linked below:
Install Dokkio Sidebar
Please note: We’re currently rolling out and testing an enhanced tagging foundation, and these new Sidebar capabilities are built on it. If you created an account after May 2022, your account already uses the new foundation; you can simply start using the new features.

If your account was created prior to May 2022 and you have not been part of our beta program and want to try these new Sidebar features, please contact; we will enable them for you. We plan to migrate the entire user base in the next couple of weeks, and will update you again when that is complete.

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