Expanded Sidebar Capabilities

The Dokkio team has been hard at work improving and adding features to the Sidebar in response to user feedback. Here’s a look at the latest:

One-click to edit: Docs and Sheets can now be opened in their native environment with a simple hover-and-click action.

File management: Rename a file. If you have connected hundreds of files from Box, Dropbox, Drive, or even local files, saving you time in searching for those files and making that quick update. 

Organization: Add tags (and sense!) to any of the above without navigating to another page or even knowing where the file resides. 

Expanded Tag Suggestions: In addition to comparing the active web page to your existing Dokkio tags, the Sidebar compares it to suggested tags and shows them in the “About This Page” panel. It’s easy to accept (or reject) those suggested tags for that particular page and for expanded auto-tagging, too!

If you haven’t tried the Dokkio Sidebar yet, check out our Google Chrome Store page and click “Add to Chrome.” If you want to dig a little deeper first, see screenshots and read reviews on our Product Hunt page.


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