Left Panel Reorganization

You may notice the sequence of the items in the Dokkio application’s dark grey left panel (“Global Navigation”) has been changed.  The “All Files”, “Sources”, and (for those who have asked us to enable it) “Duplicate Files” items are still there; they have just been relocated to the bottom of the panel.

If you have Starred content (offering a one-click short cut), it now appears first, after the “Home” item, and the items that feature Dokkio tagging (by Category, by Project, etc.) follow.

For new users to Dokkio, this tends to provide a better initial introduction to the product, and for experienced users, it puts the more heavily used items “up top”.  It also paves the way for more extensive enhancements to Dokkio that we’ll roll out in the next few weeks… stay tuned!

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