Our Product Hunt Launch for the Best File Organization and Cloud Syncing App of 2022

Now that it’s been a week since our successful Product Hunt launch, we’d like to do a post thanking everyone for all the support and upvotes that helped us become #2 Product Hunt launch of the day on April 13, 2022!

This was, obviously, our very first launch and we couldn’t be more thrilled and excited about how many people support us and our project – a free file organization app to help you organize your cloud files and your local files!

To all our new users, welcome! If you have any questions, you can always contact support@dokkio.com or head on over to our subreddit and join us in discussions there.

To all our old users, thank you for sticking by us! We couldn’t have made this happen without you. Thank you for continuing to learn and grow with us, and we’re super excited about everything that’s to come in the future so we can make file organization even easier!

Happy sorting!

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