Eat the Frog Technique: A Productivity Tool

There’s a ton of productivity techniques out there.

But what is the best?

The truth is, there is no one tool that works best for everybody. That being said, let’s get into the “Eat the Frog” technique.

Eat the Frog technique basically means to do that task you’ve been putting off forever before anything else – hence eating the “frog”, aka the worst part of your day and most annoying thing you have to do.

While this is a great technique, if you’ve got ADHD, this is NOT the technique for you. Having ADHD means executive dysfunction a lot of the time, and the mindset of “just do it” is not going to cut it here.

If you have ADHD and still choose to do this technique, here’s a tip:

  1. Forget everything else. Literally. Open up a whole new browser tab or Chrome profile so you don’t get distracted, and open whatever it is you need to do in that browser or whatever app you need. DO NOT let yourself close out of that tab UNTIL the task is finished.

2. The second you minimize that window or app you’re using, the longer it will take you to start it up again. Most of the time, the task will take you far less long than you expect.

3. If you find yourself stuck, remind yourself that it’s okay to ask for outside help – and you can happily tuck this task away until that help is received. Eating the frog is not only about doing the worst thing first so you can get it over with, it’s also about doing it in a smart and efficient way. What’s better, working on other menial tasks while you wait for assistance, or trying to work through the answer yourself for 2 hours and end up burnt out and frustrated?

4. Even if you don’t think you can find outside assistance to help yourself with a task, just remember that there’s tons of communities online you can take resources from, like Reddit. We at Dokkio have a productivity and file organization subreddit you can join here. There, you can ask the community any questions regarding productivity, files, and Dokkio.

If your eat the frog task includes organizing files, here’s a reminder Dokkio can do that for you in 5 minutes for free.

Have you tried the Eat the Frog technique? Does it work for you? Let me know!

Happy sorting!

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