The Best File Organizer for Mac and Windows (2022)

The best free productivity app to organize your files in Mac and Windows is Dokkio.

If you’re looking for a google productivity app or apple productivity app, Dokkio works on both! Download it from any computer anywhere. The best part is if you left a file on your Mac computer but need to access that same file from your work Windows computer – if it’s a file in the Dokkio app, you can 100% access it. No need to go home to get it.

Since Dokkio is an all in one productivity app, it also works as a file sharing app. It allows you share files directly to your teammates without having to send annoying links – and you can use Google apps and Microsoft apps directly in the Dokkio app without having to open another tab – for example: need to open a Google Doc? No problem – do this right from your Dokkio homepage. Once you’ve created your file, it’s automatically shared to your team (as long as the folder is a shared team folder).

Dokkio’s personal productivity app also organizes and sorts your files for you via AI – the more you use Dokkio, the more the AI adapts to where you’d place your files normally (within tags and categories) and its file sorting of your cloud and local files becomes even more accurate.

Dokkio also has a tool called Sidebar – a free Chrome extension – that works with the Notion productivity app, Slack, Twitter, and anything else you may use for work.

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