Looking to download Notion?

Everybody knows Notion is a graphic design powerhouse – although its interface may be a bit complicated for some people, its app is revered by many.

Before you download Notion here, make sure you also download Dokkio. When you use Notion for making to-do lists, files, documents, or your own graphics – you’re going to need to be able to access those files immediately.

Sure, you can look at the file name you put in Notion, but you can’t access it unless you go and look it up yourself. That sucks and it’s a huge waste of your time. With the free Dokkio Sidebar Chrome app, Dokkio Sidebar can see what you’re writing in Notion and offer up relevant files you can then click on INSTANTLY. It’ll bring you to the file’s home in the Dokkio app – again, all for free, and instantaneous.

Here’s an example of how it works – Entrepreneur and Investing Expert Chris Yeh on Twitter was using Notion when Dokkio Sidebar immediately pulled up relevant files for him to use:

Thus making his life a WHOLE lot easier. Dokkio is about finding any file instantly and easily – no more archaeological digging through files upon files and wasting your time.

So go ahead and download Notion and explore – but don’t forget to download Dokkio with it!

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