Productivity vs Efficiency

Often used synonymously, there is actually quite a large difference between these two words.

A lot of the time you’ll come back home from work, happy (and maybe exhausted) that you’ve had a productive day. Let’s say you organized 8,000 files today at work – certainly productive by anyone’s definition of the word. But was it efficient?

The difference between productivity and efficiency is mainly the time it takes to accomplish the same task. While organizing 8,000 files is productive, if it also took you 8 hours to do, then we can’t exactly say it was efficient.

However, on the other hand, if you organized 8,000 files in 2 hours, but half of them were in the wrong place, then while you might be considered efficient, in the end it wasn’t actually productive (or efficient, if you’re using the word correctly).

So the solution therefore seems to be to find a workflow that is both productive and efficient – no one likes to waste time on things they don’t have to do – for example, taking an elevator to go up 10 floors instead of the stairs which would take far more time (even if the latter is healthier for you).

Here at Dokkio, we created a software that is both productive and efficient – you can organize tens of thousand of files with literally the click of a button – and oftentimes, even without that click. Since Dokkio sorts your files automatically for you, it’s working hard even when you’re not working – and doing more important things like sleeping, taking care of your kids, or even just having a mental health day.

The most productive and efficient products work even when they’re not turned “on” – Google constantly backing up your files and uploading them to the Cloud, iCloud doing the same, your computer running necessary software in the background while you surf the web so you don’t have to be interrupted.

In the digital space, double-time is of the utmost importance – aka getting the most done in the least time possible so you can focus more on the things that matter to you.

Is there anything you do to maximize efficiency and productivity? What is the best program you use that maximizes both? Let us know in the comments.

As always, happy sorting!

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