How to Organize Photos On Mac/Windows

While Dokkio may not have a phone app to help you organize on your handheld device quite yet, it is absolutely a powerhouse to use on your PC computer, even with photos.

Since Dokkio works on any platform and software on your PC, let’s go ahead with the tutorial.

When you first sign up with Dokkio (it’s free!), it will ask you to sync your files so it can begin to sort – you can do this with Google Drive, OneDrive, Gmail, Dropbox, Box, Slack, Notion, and Microsoft Teams. If you’d like us to add another file sync option, please let us know here. The more people will know want a specific file syncing option, the more likely we are to add it! We take all support requests to heart and our team is always dedicated to providing the best experience for you.

After syncing your files, Dokkio will begin to sort automatically – but there are things you can do to help it along.

  1. If you have a specific way of organizing, you can edit synonyms for categories by clicking “edit” here:

After this, scroll down to the “advanced” section, and enter synonyms for your category tag, which in this case is pictures. Here you can also select “images” and deselect all other file types for what will show up in the tag – this will help the AI sort things further on what you want and don’t want in your category.

Once you’ve clicked on “show advanced”, you may find it useful to enter “jpg”, “png”, “jpeg”, “gif”, “img”, “screenshot” synonyms in here. You can also toggle how confident you want the AI to be when auto-tagging your files (aka sorting automatically without you having to do anything). I’m very lazy and I trust the AI so I selected a lower confidence level. You can change this anytime.

After you’ve entered your synonyms, you’re done! Dokkio will know be able to sort and tag any files that are pictures and place them all into one neat category without your having to rifle through all your files and do it yourself.

As you can see here, you may get a message asking you if the AI is correct in wanting to place certain items as pictures, like so; you can do a quick glance and see which files, if not all, are appropriate for your category. Naturally, the AI got them all correct so I went ahead and okayed all 112 suggestions.

If you’d like to take it further and are more organized than I am, if you had your files originally placed in folders (none of mine were, because I enjoy living chaotically), Dokkio will automatically detect that and transfer those folders into your picture category for you. This functions for other categories as well. You can also tag folders with specific “tags” that tell Dokkio these files all share a similar quality – for example, “pool” – and then later on, if you add a picture and tag it with “pool”, Dokkio will automatically place that in that same folder for you so you don’t have to do it yourself!

Again, all of this works on Windows AND Mac – so no need to worry about leaving a file at home on your computer and not having it on your work computer. As long as Dokkio is downloaded on both computers, you’ll be able to pull your files anywhere, anytime. Happy organizing!

You can download Dokkio FREE here.

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