GDPR Compliant Software

As we’ve said before, as more and more companies and browsers try to use your personal information to their advantage and to sell you more products, privacy is of the utmost importance these days.

With this comes GDPR compliancy. What is it? The General Data Protection Regulation is a policy set by the European Union (EU) that sets guidelines and limits the collecting of personal information from end users living in the EU. This prevents websites from collecting some of your personal information.

Even if the website is not based in or has no branches in the EU, it must comply to the EU standards for any individual living in the European Union.

GDPR forces websites to hand out data disclosures to EU visitors – websites must indicate that data is being collected and request that the end user consent to having said data be collected from them.

Other, more detailed information can be found here and here.

What this means for you is that data collected by companies that was previously a free-for-all is now being limited and you can choose to opt out (hopefully this spreads to other countries as well).

Moving on to GDPR compliant software:

  1. Dokkio: Dokkio is a file management and sorting AI software that organizes your desktop and cloud files for you – including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Slack, OneDrive, Notion, and Microsoft Teams. Our developers are always hard at work to ensure the best experience for you and love feedback on any type of cloud system users may want to add.
  2. Google Drive: a file storage and syncing device, Google supports GDPR compliancy efforts.
  3. Microsoft: a company related to most things computers, Microsoft states they are committed to GDPR compliance.
  4. Dropbox: a file hosting service, Dropbox states that GDPR compliance is of utmost priority and is committed to it.
  5. Slack: a business communication platform including threads, private messaging and more, Slack also states that they are GDPR compliant.
  6. Notion: a note-taking and project management software that combines your everyday work apps into one, Notion states they are committed to complying with GDPR standards.

We’re proud to say that at Dokkio, all of the platforms we use to help you organize your files are as GDPR compliant as we are – because your privacy matters.

Find us here at our website to try us out for free, and our social media here:

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