Even if You’re Disorganized, Google Drive’s Update Will Force You to Organize

As seen here on TechRadar and through the original posting, Google Drive’s update will soon force you to organize your disorganized files.

Now, if you’re using Dokkio, this won’t pose much of a problem, since your files will already be organized. However, if you’re hosting the same files on multiple different platforms, Google’s update will migrate these files to “shortcuts”. What a shortcut means: only one location will be preserved for said files, and all other locations in which the same files are located will be replaced with a shortcut. Ownership and sharing permissions remain the same. A record and log of these changes can be viewed by admins in the admin audit log.

Google hopes that this will ease understanding of the structure of files, but of course, everyone organizes differently, so this may not sound like a good idea to you.

Admins will be notified several weeks before the migration in their domain, starting in early 2022. So you have some time, but not much. Admins will also be able to select when shortcuts are created in shared folders.

As for Google Workspace users, you will not be receiving the same notification – so best to get on it now!

Google Drive users will see a banner notification, but not be required to take any further action, as the migration will be automatic.

TLDR: Files and folders stored in multiple folders in Google Drive will be changed to shortcuts. This shouldn’t impact much, but if you’ve got the same files in a bunch of different locations, you might want to get Dokkio (for free!) and figure that out sooner rather than later!

Dokkio’s Website

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