How to Prevent Google Cloud Accounts Being Used by Hackers to Mine Cryptocurrency

You may have recently read here about compromised Google Cloud accounts being used to mine cryptocurrency.

In simple layman terms, hackers are exploiting Google accounts with no passwords or weak passwords to get inside the account easily, and then do what they wish with your account.

In some cases, they use the account to hike up Youtube views on a video, or install malware (6%), or mine for cryptocurrency (86%). No matter what their motive or purpose is, the good news is there are many ways to protect your account.

How to prevent it? Simply by strengthening your password or adding a password to your Google account. In most cases, this was the weak link that allowed hackers to be able to enter the Google accounts. (48% of the time). Passwords with letters, numbers, and symbols are the strongest – like “Puppy210!” If you have trouble remembering your passwords, we suggest writing it down in either a notebook or somewhere in your notes on your computer so it cannot be lost.

The other times the hackers were able to enter the Google account can be attributed to third-party software installed in the Cloud (26%) and Github credentials being leaked (4%).

To make sure your information is not stolen, never click on links from people you don’t know, or accounts that seem strange. Always check the URL and email user account of the person emailing you – Instagram/Gmail/Tiktok/Twitter etc will never send you a message asking you for your password and username.

To read more in depth, please visit the above link for the original article.

Here at Dokkio, we value your privacy and ensure that your login information and account is safe using multiple privacy practices and standards – we are also GDPR compliant. Questions or comments? Please comment here or visit us at our website.

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